Offers Sanjivani Hair Care Medicine for Excessive Hair Fall by Admark Herbals Ltd., India.
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Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter India provides HIV Treatment Herbal Capsule for HIV Treatment, AIDS Treatment. Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter India provides HIV Treatment Herbal Capsule for HIV Treatment, AIDS Treatment. Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter India provides HIV Treatment Herbal Capsule for HIV Treatment, AIDS Treatment. Offers Sanjivani Hair Care Medicine for Excessive Hair Fall by Admark Herbals Ltd., India. Admark Herbals Ltd., India manufactures Sanjivani Fort Herbal Hair oil for Hair Growth and Curing Baldness. Exports Oligo Ayurvedic Medicine for Male Infertility, Increase Sperm Motility and Treatment of Oligospermia. Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer offers Chandramukhi Herbal powder for Treatment of Pimples, Black Spot, Face Pack. Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer India provides Dia-Care Herbal Powder for curing Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Mellitus. Herbal Medicine Manufacturer India offers Rakta Herbal medicine for Anaemia, Insomnia, Anti-Ageing. Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter provides Aller-X Herbal Capsules for Allergic Symptoms, Histamine. Herbal Medicine Manufacturer offers Rakta Herbal medicine for lowering High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure by Admark Herbals Ltd., India. Herbal Medicine Manufacturer provides Tengo Herbal Medicine for curing High Blood Pressure. Herbal Medicine Exporter India offers Ayurvedic Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Disease, Heart Failure. Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter India provides HIV Treatment Herbal Capsule for HIV Treatment, AIDS Treatment.


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About Us

Ancient Life Science — Applying the Pristine Purity :

India has a plethora of Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers guided by Ayurvedic physicians offering cures to patients in India and overseas customers.

Admark Herbals Limited evolved over nine years to become a leading manufacturer of pure and wholesomeAyurvedic medicines that provided certain cure. The Company is steeped in tradition, and despite employing the latest machinery and processing equipment, every formula begins in the mortar ground with a pestle, in the bhasma (calcining) cauldrons, and originates from the Shastras or ancient tomes of Charaka, Vaghbhatta and other great masters of universal medicine.

The living master, Rajvaidya Jethabhai Antala Algari, used his personal illness as a means to dive deep into the ocean of Ayurvedic science for the benefit of mankind. Soon, a Company was formed with the single objective of bringing to the sufferers of life-threatening diseases a certain cure rather than painful survival, an invigorating and comprehensive medicine compounded to cure the incurable.



Ingredients for the medicine are acquired with personal attention from their original sources, rivers, mountains, forests and sea. These are classified and processed for formulating the remedies to present in the form of granules, powder, gels, paste, creams, tablets and syrups for the modern patient.

Modern Diseases - Countering the Threat :

The race to overtake one’s fellow being in every particular, be it social, economic, political or personal excellence and achievement, prestige, wealth, and preeminence of every kind constrains man to rally all his physical and mental efforts, often exceeding beyond one’s capacity, or even scope— towards the objective.

In doing so, one often yields to illnesses and diseases wrought by over-exerting oneself, and even neglecting the universal rules and regimen of living. These over-reaching leaps often result in disintegration of life, and also negatively affect one’s family and associates indirectly.

The Universal Creator and Code-Maker, ever aware of man’s erring ways, diffused and disseminated the remedial potions in Nature, and gave a code of universal lifestyle for correct living.

Medicine is compounded to remove toxins and regenerate the body by stimulating and producing its own in-built defenders and nourishers. Thus it is not any medicine, but the chosen treasures from Nature compounded strictly according to the rules laid down by ancient spiritual doctors.

This is Admark Herbals for today’s man, woman and family.

Admark Herbals - Ayurveda in 2003 :

Advanced techniques in extraction, blending, mixing, filtering, straining, etc. are implemented by workers under Mr. Jethabhai who, being the discoverer of the medicine, personally puts into play his years of study, meditation, and experience of the life sciences.

To ensure product quality, random testing and inspection are conducted routinely to ensure consistency in product quality. This why pharmacists vouch for, and proudly distribute, stock, and sell Admark Herbals’ formulations in the Indian sub-continent as well as the world over.

Admark Herbals Limited ensures that every end product is compounded and packaged in hygienic conditions with climatic controls in the manufacturing set-up approved by the Food & Drug Control Administration, Gujarat State, India.

The Products :

There are nine outstanding medicines in the product range of Admark Herbals Ltd. that address specific illnesses:

Research & Quality Control :

Ayurveda is an ancient science (2500 - 600 B.C.) with a long and unbroken tradition of safety and efficacy. Its principles, however, can be relevant today only if the Ayurvedic medicines are applied and tested within the framework of modern science and subjected to most rigorous criteria for quality, safety and efficacy. The Ayurvedic formulations involve the use of several herbs and minerals, which work in conjunction, diluting each other’s toxicity and / or enhancing their therapeutic value. It is therefore important that standards for each herb/mineral as well as finished formulation are developed using modem scientific and processing techniques.

Admark’s raw materials are sourced from the best plantations, which are found on the slopes of the Himalayas and various forests of India.

All specifications and measures are meticulously and strictly adhered to at various stages of production. Modern scientific and processing techniques give Admark an international edge.

To begin with, there is rigid in-house standardization. Specifications for each medicinal plant are developed using modern instrumental techniques. These ensure use of authentic plant material resulting in consistent biological efficacy.

Quality always comes first, is a motto imbibed across the organization, and great care is taken in manufacturing the products where decades of experience are coupled with extensive research and development to produce each product. All the active ingredients adhere to standardized specifications rigidly implemented and chosen with care to ensure relevance. Stability data, conformity to drug standards and the scientific approach to product formulation are inherent to the approach. Importantly, the products retain the traditional approach as prescribed by the ancient texts, an excellent blend of the modern with the ancient well-tried system. A rigorous approach to the quality control, both in process and for the finished product, is pursued.


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