Offers Sanjivani Hair Care Medicine for Excessive Hair Fall by Admark Herbals Ltd., India.
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Offers Sanjivani Hair Care Medicine for Excessive Hair Fall by Admark Herbals Ltd., India. Admark Herbals Ltd., India manufactures Sanjivani Fort Herbal Hair oil for Hair Growth and Curing Baldness. Exports Oligo Ayurvedic Medicine for Male Infertility, Increase Sperm Motility and Treatment of Oligospermia. Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer offers Chandramukhi Herbal powder for Treatment of Pimples, Black Spot, Face Pack. Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer India provides Dia-Care Herbal Powder for curing Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Mellitus. Herbal Medicine Manufacturer India offers Rakta Herbal medicine for Anaemia, Insomnia, Anti-Ageing. Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter provides Aller-X Herbal Capsules for Allergic Symptoms, Histamine. Herbal Medicine Manufacturer offers Rakta Herbal medicine for lowering High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure by Admark Herbals Ltd., India. Herbal Medicine Manufacturer provides Tengo Herbal Medicine for curing High Blood Pressure. Herbal Medicine Exporter India offers Ayurvedic Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Disease, Heart Failure. Ayurvedic Medicine Exporter India provides HIV Treatment Herbal Capsule for HIV Treatment, AIDS Treatment.

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100% pure herbal medicine for anaemic patients gives sure response within 7 days to all the patients and cured stage result within 21 days. However a 90- days continuous treatment is required for Hb (Haemoglobin) stability and thus stabilized Hb will generally not be lowered/disturbed after discontinuation of the treatment on completion of 90 days therapy.

Results are equally good even for the patients suffering from life – threatening diseases – such as Cancer.

( To cure Anaemia and General Weakness) 

Rakta : cure Anaemia and General Weakness

Additional Benefits :

  • Improves Metabolism
  • Gives relief in Insomnia
  • Acting as Anti-depressant agent
  • Acting as Anti-ageing agent
  • Increases body resistance
  • Very good during pregnancy and Leucorrhoea
  • Removes black pigmentation under eyes

There are innumerable uses of RAKTA-P Herbal Capsules.

RAKTA-P is very effective in the following indications:

  • Anaemia (Low Haemoglobin)

  • General Tonic in Advance cancer

  • Along with cancer chemotherapy (CT) to prevent Bone Marrow Depression

  • As a Bone Marrow Stimulants, in drug induced Bone Marrow Depression

  • Health Tonic in Geriatrics
    (old Persons)

Other extraordinary features of RAKTA-P :

It is considered as an answer to the side effects of Chemotherapy and Dialyses. It nullifies the side effects of Chemotherapy and Dialyses.

Contents :
Each Capsule Contains Wt/unit
Mineral Pitch 50 mg
Feroso Revie oxide 50 mg
Piper longum 50 mg
Pueraria Tubeursa 50 mg
Swertia chirata 50 mg
Asparagus adscendens 100 mg
Cressa Cretica 150 mg

Doses :

For Adult – One capsule a day for routine therapy. For a patient undergoing treatment of chemotherapy and Dialyses two capsules a day (Morning and Evening).

For children below 12 years : Half a dose of adult
( To be given exactly).

Presentation :

Pack of 30 Capsules in plastic jar.

Prices :

Name of the product



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